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Who Are We?

Rae Chandran
Channeler for Amma.
Born in India, Kerala.

HUMAN-CREATORS IN TRAINING-have a purpose and destiny so heartwarmingly profound and glorious that it is almost unbelievable from our present dimensional perspective.Humans are great light beings from beyond this creation, gaining experience in dense physicality by slowing down the creative process in order to feel the result and consequences of their decisions and actions.
How can we become the Creators we were designed for unless we also come to know and experience the consequences of our decisions and actions. So before conception, we made a plan for our life-of what we wanted to learn in this life-time based on past actions and experiences.We have tremendous wisdom and knowledge inside us and the challenge is to draw forth this wisdom from deep within ourselves.The key to empowerment is not to know everything, but what works for us in this present time and present energy.We are becoming the Creators we were designed for and in this regard, Ambassadors of Light plays a very minor but significant role in helping forth individuals and corporations bring forth their wisdom and knowledge of what will work best for them in creating the life they wish to have. 

Rae Chandran

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