EMF Balancing Technique

The ElectroMagnetic Field Balancing Techniqueツョ is the energy system designed to balance and strengthen the UCL. The technique uses a "human to human" effect upon the electromagnetic field. It helps us to recover and maintain our balance and to carry the full charge of our being, to radiate who we really are.
An EMF Balancing Techniqueツョ session is an experience of one's own electromagnetic energy field
(EMF stands for electromagnetic field) and the patterns within it.

Each session lasts about an hour. The recipient is on a massage table while the practitioner carries out a series of graceful Tai chi-like movements. Most of the movements involve the passing of the practitioner's hands through the portions of the Universal Calibration Lattice of the client that completely surround the body to a distance of two feet all around. During some parts of the session the practitioner will gently place their hands on the body to facilitate the flow of energy.

Each session results in a strengthening of the UCL, allowing it to permanently carry a greater electrical charge. While the procedure for each session is the same every time, the calibration (or strengthening) is unique to each person receiving the session. The calibration is determined by their inner wisdom, an expression of their personal electromagnetic configuration.

For more info: Please visit http://www.emfbalancingtechnique.com/