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DNA Activation


DNA Healing Project Genetic Peace Grid & DNA Activations and Self-Healing 

facilitated by Dr. Robert V. Gerard & Ms. Zeljka Roksandic

 Project Mission Statement

The mission of the DNA Healing Project is to activate the Genetic Peace Grid worldwide. This is done through DNA Activations, which use energy grounding natural process.

The thrust behind the mission centers around the balance and integration of the Divine Feminine with the Masculine Universal Life Energies. This "Integration" will be come the mainstay of humanity's evolution to peaceful coexistence.

The Foundation's educational programs provide the tools and techniques to encourage self-mastery, self-love and purpose, and to accelerate the evolution of the individual's rising consciousness and divinity.

General Statement

It should be noted that OHi considers each of the DNA Activations as a Sacred Ceremony in addition to being excellent healing modalities. DNA Activation programs and practitioners have “jumped in” since the Foundation mutually launched the DNA Healing Project with Vianna Stibal in 1997. Please discern and ascertain that whatever healing program you use serves your Highest Good. All effort is now being seriously taken as to the overall intent and dissemination of this material. The creation of the Genetic Peace Grid and sustaining an active Second Wave of Planetary Peace Ascension has become the major focal points of the mission behind the Foundation.

The Certification Process serves as a major element to make this happen. Every active Certified Practitioner and Facilitator will be proudly represented and backed by Oughten House.


Facts About the Program


Program Details

DNA Activations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

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DNA Activations

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Facts About the Program

Change Your DNA, Change Your Life! Yes! That's a fact!

It has been Scientifically verified that your DNA constantly changes and renews itself.  FACT: trillions of protein receptors within your cells actually serve as perception filters. This communication process inherently alter DNA and cell behavior. This process reinforces your God-given power to better control your own healings and desires.


Change Your DNA, Change Your Life Program is a journey to better health, self-healing, and emotional freedom. It will take you to the edge of your imagination, purge your emotional blocks, and propel your creativity to dimensions for better health.


Over 40,000 people around the globe have had their DNA Activated, a genetic acceleration to health, joy, and peace. They have reported consistent results and life changes.


Now, let the power of your intent, imagination and passion reach their highest potential-through DNA ACTIVATIONS.



Learn about DNA Activations...

Program Details

Scientists and medical researchers have conquered what was deemed impossible fifty years ago. According to ancient Hermetic Principles, the dynamics of cells are parallel to the dynamics of galaxies.

The Benefits

You are on this planet to experience emotions, create, and share. Looking within to find your roadblocks in life is a courageous challenge. Self-discovery is a key to your freedom.

The Techniques

DNA Activations are safe, simple and effective, just as easy as taking a brisk walk or cooking an omelet. Exercise and food are vital essentials to physical and emotional health, and so are the DNA Activations. There are currently six DNA activations.




Benefits of the DNA Activations

The DNA Activations truly bring forth a clearer orientation to life and purpose in life. It accelerates Self-Mastery and opens the door to discover who you really are. You are on this planet to experience emotions, create, and share. Looking within to find your roadblocks in life is a courageous challenge. Self-discovery is a key to your freedom. The DNA Activations delve directly into these self-truths.

The amazing aspect of the DNA Activations resides in the fact that their ongoing process is virtually automatic and natural! The potential benefits gained after receiving both the First and Second DNA Activations are, in part, summarized below. Benefits vary from person to person, however, thousands of people worldwide have stated favorable, consistent, and significant results, which are replicable.

Spontaneous healings can occur at the time of Activation, most of which relate to acute physical and emotional disorders. It appears that the First DNA ACTIVATION works to get the physical body realigned toward a healthier state of existence. Reports and testimonials to date reveal that those who have been activated undergo substantial detoxification at both the physical and emotional levels. This is an important purification process that starts immediately, and periodically for several years until completed 

The Second DNA Activation works to accelerate psychological awareness and subtle change. Results indicate that individuals find more peace with themselves and obtain a better orientation as to their life's purpose and destiny.

Summarized below are what thousands of people have reported. These are consistent and positive changes compiled into four main categories:


The Psychological & Emotional

*    Less stress and worry

*    Heightened perception

*    Increased self-trust

*    Precise use of language

*    Sharper memory

*    Renewed competency


The Physical

*    Body detoxifies

*    Feel and look younger

*    Hair and nails grow faster

*    Energy level increases

*    Desire for better nutrition

*    Increased communication with body

*    Increased consumption of water

*    Quickened ability for body to heal itself


Your Social Realms and Relationships

*    Allowing new feelings to be stated and shared

*    Letting go of old stuff

*    Seeing relationships more clearly

*    Finding deeper love with others

*    Attracting "soul mates and soul family" members


Self-discovery & Long-term Benefits

*    The automatic capacity to confront self-truths

*    Improving the meaning and clarity in life

*    Staying focused and in the moment

*    Release of embedded emotional stress

*    Release of hesitations, doubts, and fears

*    Better understanding of purpose in life

*    Realization of Self-Love and Self-Respect


The DNA Activation serves as a catalyst to return the cells in your body back to purity and health, which all lead to a lighter and happier body. The cleansing process of the cell begins with eliminating stress. Stress and emotional debris may be most abundant, however, it's also the least complicated to purify. The DNA Activations can help you change your attitude and perception in life enough to release years of stress and emotion.




Program Details 

About DNA Activations

Research, Health, and Spiritual Awakening

Now, the most powerful electron microscope can reveal the basis of life; the magnificent organization of DNA within our own cells is upon us. How does DNA sequence itself? What causes aging and disease? Will we ever find out? The answer is YES! The unseen mechanisms of your CELLS and their DNA direct your biological and psychological operations. Each moment, your body processes trillions of bits and bites of information electrically, chemically, and psychologically. The age of Cellular Intelligence is upon us. It's about time we recognize this great gift, and take advantage of it.

Cells, Beliefs, and Perceptions

From the moment of conception, our internal DNA computer began to record every single event beyond its original structure. Every perceived emotion, whether generated by our senses or those from the external environment (observations, beliefs, traumas, events, conditioning, social scripts, etc.) are registered and collected into our cells and your DNA. Most important, your psychological apparatus of "belief" and the cognitive functions of perception were ready and waiting to be used. This was how your unique life began, filing the empty storage bins of belief by what we perceive and what we experience. Every emotion and feeling you generated and perceived has been registered within your cells since conception.


By and large, we are our environment. At the cellular level, we gather every environmental input: consciously and unconsciously, via protein cell receptors. These receptors serve as antennae for the cell. They receive external information. Pioneering research by Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has clearly defined the role of these protein receptors and how chains of amino acids within the living cell reconstruct the proteins, which in turn, influence the cell's behavior to adapt to its environment.

As you mature, you create a past and a future. You consciously and unconsciously fill up your life with past memories and future expectations. In this trial and error progression, we learn and gather information. Some beneficial, some not. Not only do we become what we eat, but also what we perceive and experience.

Since 1997, Dr. Robert Gerard has been pioneering the psychological effects augmented by a technique he calls DNA Activation. This simple, safe, and effective technique has favorably changed the lives of well over 40,000 people worldwide.

The DNA Activation utilizes a narrative protocol process which integrates your intent, imagination, and heart-driven emotion, i.e. passion. In the book, Change Your DNA, Change Your Life, Dr. Gerard presents this unique technique plus many other complementary techniques which help stimulate the communication between mind and body with and consistent results.

The DNA Activation serves as a unique self-empowerment tool. Once performed, it's a permanent imprint, thus the catalyst for change becomes automatic. Therefore, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies continually purge and renew naturally. It is a harmless natural biological and psychological process, generating spontaneous and subtle transformations for well over several years.



  • How do I rid myself of unwanted beliefs, social conditionings, malfunctioning scripts, emotions, and yes, diseases?
  • How do I change cellular behavior within myself?

The answer is simple: change your mechanisms of perception and thought-indulge in the realms of self-empowerment and self-healing.  We now have the help, guidance, and a plethora of proven techniques.

The core issue is even more subtle: learning how the cells and their DNA communicate! Once understood, the mysteries of life can unfold as we listen to what is being said. Or, maybe, the DNA will listen to us. After you've applied the techniques in this book, your DNA will be changed and so will your life.

The world and our lives are rapidly changing. Time seems to disappear right before our eyes. Predictions of the "end times" are all about us and we ask: "What is really happening?" and "Why?" It is time for mankind to take a quantum leap for itself. Our mental and physical health has become too dependent on others. We are faced with being led and even misguided by what "they" say. It's always "them." You have a vital part in what you do with your health, when speaking your mind, and creating those things in life that bring you joy. The time is now! Take responsibility for your life-go within. Learn that self-mastery is your gift. You possess all the conscious intent and subtle energies to change your realties, including your DNA. Activate yourself, acknowledge your Divine self. Become all you can be! 

Now is the time to change your DNA and change your Life!




DNA and Self-Activations

The merits of the DNA Activation Healing Project continue to unfold. Thousands of people worldwide have stepped forward and begun their “Inner Journey” towards Human-Spiritual co-existence. We always have been Spiritual Beings. Learning how to live in the human embodiment, has taken thousands of years to master. Now is the time to accelerate the process, and incorporate your Divine Nature into this Earthly existence.

Most of the information to carry out the DNA Activation Program has been received from Source by direct cognition, intuitively.  Over a period of 10 years. It still unfolds as new information is received.

To Date, six DNA Activations have been conceived and physically manifested on this Earth plane. They are as follows:


The FIRST DNA Activation of the Archetypal Chromosomes

(also known as the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes) 

The SECOND DNA Activation of Rejuvenation 

The THIRD DNA Activation of Uniqueness

The FOURTH DNA Activation of Integration


The FIFTH DNA Activation of Royalty Consciousness


The SIXTH DNA Activation of Detachment



The 1st & 2nd DNA Activation

Experiencing DNA Activation is the first step toward total integration of body, mind, and soul: a moment you'll joyfully remember for the rest of your life. It's all about transformation. As you become more familiar with the techniques, you will become more familiar with your human body and discover the vastness of its inner world.

 There are two basic DNA Activations. The First and Second DNA ACTIVATION processes take approximately one half hour each. The results, however, will last a lifetime because their inherent design fosters an automatic and ongoing healing process. The Activations are sacred and unique: a simple gift received from the Creator.

The DNA Activation process is straightforward, and can be thought of as the integration of the loving God within you, your Higher-Self, and your body consciousness, which I loosely term "your DNA's Intelligence." This is a new relationship, wherein your total True-Self, your Deity, and the DNA within your body are synchronized and placed in perfect balance. 

What occurs during the activation varies tremendously from person to person, from going into "rapture" to "I didn't feel a thing." In either case, if the intent was set properly, the Activation most likely have occurred.

The Virtual and Ethereal Multiple DNA Strands Structure

The ethereal strands permit the individual to perform greate human accomplishments. Information received reaffirms that our DNA, exists, totally in tact, yet is dormant until activated.

Each strand is profound in its infinite capacity to enhance human life beyond human limitations. Some kind of cellular language connects consciousness in the cell with that of the entire body. Many studies and experiments by scientists in quantum physics, medicine, psychology, and metaphysics reinforce that view.

The names and functions of the five new ethereal DNA pairs have been intuitively received by direct cognition from Source

1. Communication

Strands communicate and resonate with all existing life forms within and beyond the cell, cell to cell, mind to cell, cell to Spirit and Spirit to cell. It enables the healer and cellular communication to occur.

2. Perfection of Health

Perfection is the never-ending quest for health, perfect cellular replication, healing, and expansion of the lightbody. These strands confront incongruities within the DNA itself and the immune system.

3. Intelligence and Energy in Motion

These "energy-in-motion" strands process all psychological and emotional commands and cellular memory, and they assist in identifying and releasing emotional blocks and life traumas. It initiates cellular ambiance and expansion, ultimate expression of happiness, love, and trust.

4. Creativity

The Creativity strands co-create the "cultural" aspects of life, caring aspects of conscious manifestation, intuitive surges from higher sources, inner cellular wisdom and abundance. It's within these strands that the DNA unveils the blockages of receptivity and opens the door for each of us to absorb Grace and Divine Wisdom.

5. Immortality

Immortality strands generate the spontaneous and timeless living in the moment; eternity and affinity with the Creator and Divine Consciousness. These strands are extremely powerful and can instantaneously attune our relationship with Higher-Self and Source, and ultimately determine Who We Are!


In no manner whatsoever, can the activations afflict damage to the existing DNA because it is a spiritual healing process. What may appear to be a challenging condition may be the individual's psychological reaction or resistance to the healing.

The combined ability of the multiple DNA strands is magnificent. They operate at the creative-subconscious level and totally are dependent upon free choice and will of the individual. What makes them spectacular is that they operate within their own functionality. The DNA Activations are about transformation. The work for the majority of people who have taken the time and care of performing them.




The 3rd DNA Activation

The "Uniqueness" or 3rd DNA Activation accelerates the individual towards her or his unique qualities and purpose in Life. It sets forth the necessary Spiritual energies to unblock mental and emotional barriers embedded within the subconscious and unconscious minds. The 3rd Activation provides the individual the opportunity to purge the major resistance within, thus yielding and becoming more receptive of her or his Divine nature.

A major component of the 3rd DNA Activation is "The Healing Vision of Uniqueness" which serves as your primary self-empowerment tool. Your "Healing Vision of Uniqueness" has been encoded on your DNA prior to conception, and will be revealed to you during the activation


The 4th DNA Activation

The "Integration" or 4th DNA Activation performs a high level integration of the MALE and FEMALE Energies. The purpose of this activation is to initiate the attainment of complete balance of human evolution with regards to gender consciousness. Once attained, the individual will realize a unified human consciousness that is equipped to handle the beginning elements of Divine Consciousness.

The inherent concept of duality will give segway into Divine Duality and become more aware of her or his Divine nature. Over time, as the integration process unfolds, the mental and emotional barriers embedded within the subconscious and unconscious minds with regard to sexual energies will be eliminated. This will result in a conscious mind that is free of sexual dependency, balanced and increased sexual energies, a surge of creative endeavors, heightened capacity for reception of your Divine Potential.


The 5th DNA Activation

The “Royalty Consciousness” or the 5th DNA Activation.

Every individual has a genetic KING/QUEEN structure within the DNA. These genes serve as the root of your kingdom here on Earth, your heavenly kingdom, so to speak. Your seat of Royalty abodes deep within you as Divinely designed genes.

The primary focus of the 5th DNA Activation prepares you to initiate Royalty Consciousness dormant in your DNA. Your mind, body, and soul begin to shape shift your inner and outer environments to efficiently function in this new Light of KING/QUEEN.

To partake as a King/Queen in Royalty Consciousness, you must first be grounded in your physical environment, transcend the limitations of social consciousness, embrace the ethereal realms of King/Queen. Then you are ready to sit in your THRONE and RULE your Heaven. Your environment (Kingdom) and body (Castle) now are grounded Spiritually in your Domain of Divine Royalty.


The 6th DNA Activation

The “Detachment” or the 6th DNA Activation.

The 6th DNA Activation of Detachment opens the genetic code for Divine Empowerment. Once performed, the Human experience first becomes detached from any form of dependency from Source. Now the God/Goddess empowerment begins. Under the consciousness of Free-Will, the empowered individual has the capacity to reunite with Source in Unconditional love.

Within this empowerment, the enlightened individual begins a steadfast detachment from all past burdens, fears, doubts, and hesitations. It is a very powerful cleansing process and must be considered prior to the 6th DNA Activation itself.

The Sixth DNA Activation demarcates the rise of the Individual-Human-Spiritual Existence. With new genetic structure in place, the human can declare the highest form of his I Am Presence, that is, the I Am I Consciousness. From this point onward, the Human has ascending consciousness into its own Divinity wherein the free spirit and nature of the good and beautiful are forever grounded in human form.



Individual DNA Activation

All the DNA Activations are considered to be a Sacred Ceremony and offer excellent healing experience. Individual activations can be self-performed, as guided by the DNA Activation Program KITs, or administered via a Practitioner or Coach. Whatever method you prefer, the benefits are most rewarding and potentially life-changing.

DNA Activations 1 through 6, can be performed in the same manner as  the individual process though performed in a group by Dr. Gerard or a certified Practitioner from Oughten House. It is widely known that the DNA Activations sponsored by Oughten House Foundation are quite thorough and substantially different than other programs. Discretion is advised.

Ongoing Coaching & Support 

 Oughten House Foundation provides ongoing support and coaching for those who have purchased the DNA Activation Kits. There is no fee for this service. Support will also be available through Certified DNA Practitioners. Coaching is available 24/7 via e-mail to or by phone (607) 724-2438, (USA EST between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm). Check the website’s directory for Certified Practitioners in your area.


Training Programs


Hosting gives you a chance to bring the DNA Training Programs into your community and earn some extra income. You'll be amazed at the results, feel great for your efforts, and set the agenda to become a regional coordinator.

Seminars, Workshops & Courses

All DNA related seminars, workshop, and courses reinforce how to use the DNA Activations and techniques to improve your well-being. The Foundation's Educational Programs will increase your self-awareness and confidence and open up many new avenues of self discovery.

Certified Practitioners

Certified Practitioner Candidates will receive specific tools of empowerment to use and apply the DNA Activations. Graduates of this course are qualified to present Introductory Seminars, facilitate the DNA Basic Course, be enrolled on the Foundation's website, and earn additional revenues.

Certified Facilitators

Certified Practitioners can advance to become Certified Facilitators. Candidates will undergo advances presentation skills training and receive additional empowerment competencies unique to this facilitator level. Facilitators can teach DNA courses on behalf of the Foundation and earn additional revenues.



Change Your DNA, Change Your Life!

DNA Book

About the Book

This DNA book is a journey to better health, healing, and sharing. It will take you to the edge of your imagination, unlock doors of limitation, and propel your creativity to dimensions of which you once only dreamed.

Over  40,000 people around the globe, have had their DNA activated. They have reported consistent results and life changes that humanity has long sought to achieve. Each DNA Activation is a Sacred Ceremony and a genetic healing process that fosters cellular expansion and rejuvenation.

The book contains step-by-step instructions that can change your life forever. With these results-oriented techniques, you, too, can experience: more self-awareness, emotional stability, less stress and fear, witness improved nutrition, gain clarity of thought, enjoy better relationships, more joy and freedom. Change Your DNA, Change Your Life has been reprinted six times in the USA, published in Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian, translated into Hungarian and Danish, and soon to be released in Japanese.

Let the power of your imagination reach its highest potential.


"Does our DNA compel us to seek a higher power?  Believe or not, some scientists say 'Yes'."

"What's above, so is below" holds a greater meaning than most of us know. It refers to Divine Intelligence! The age of Cellular Intelligence is upon us."

Cross-Section of the cell's membrane with Protein Cell Receptors serving as antenna or perception instruments. Better be careful what you think!

"It is well established in the molecular biology community, but unknown to most people, is the fact that the primary structure of DNA does actually change," (Hartman, 1975; Wintersberger, 1991).

"We must learn that just as our cells absorb its environment, change, and adapt us, the process can be reversed. The difficulty here is not based on the process, but the hard core social belief that this process cannot be done."

"When God consciousness and DNA consciousness talk, destiny is revealed. Once the DNA's intellect has been activated, the body is no longer dominated, and actually goes through a rebirth."

"Information received reaffirms that our complete Divine Blueprint, our DNA, exists, totally in tact, yet is dormant until activated."

"These ten virtual strands making up the five "virtual pairs" are actually cosmic links, or the Universal Life Force, residing in each cell. They connect spirit with the human genetic coding."

"The combined ability of the DNA strands is magnificent. They operate at the creative- subconscious level and totally are dependent upon free choice and will of the individual."

"The magnificent Redwood Tree knows its uniqueness. That's why we love them."

"The inherent concept of duality will give segue into Divine Duality and become more aware of her or his Divine nature."